The play is about the tendency of wealthy families to seek ties with other wealthy families, to increase their estates by encouraging marriages that make good economic sense. And Natalya tells him to take the matter to court in order to show that they are not afraid. [Embraces and kisses Lomov] I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. Answer: He adds that in the last elections, Chubukov was …… he does not complete the sentence as he feels dizzy. The play was originally titled ‘A Marriage Proposal’, written by Russian writer Anton Chekov. Chbukov - grabber, intriguer, old rat, Jesuit. NCERT Class 10 New Books for English First Flight Chapter 11 The Proposal increases the base for conceptual knowledge. When she came to know that Lomov wanted to marry her, she at once changed her tactics and hysterically told her father to bring Lomov back. (iii) My foot’s gone to sleep -  you cannot feel the foot for a short time. Answer: But what’s this? Answer: Excuse me, what’s it all about? The proposal is in danger of being forgotten amidst all this quarrelling. Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 11 The Proposal with Answers Pdf free download. She mentions that he had been acting very strange and till then, they thought of him as a friendly neighbour but now he is not at all acting neighbourly. [screams] Ivan Vassilevitch! Fetch him! But he is surprised to see him in a formal dress, and thinks that perhaps he is on his… Lomov was a wealthy person himself who was … Lomov wants to resolve the issue and visits Chubukov with a purpose to propose Natalya. Give me a knife! [Drinks.] Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. My foot’s gone to sleep. LOMOV : We’ll see! (True/False) He is not sincere when he says that he has loved him as his son because we notice that Chubukov tries to be friendly and loving on the face while he is rude and selfish within. Yes, yes, I’m willing. But they start fighting over small issues. Malicious-intending or intended to do harm, LOMOV : Here’s my hat. Everyone gets hyper and Lomov finally falls due to his palpitations. What trust can one have in one’s neighbours after that! choice, (b) Lomov was happy, as he wanted to marry A doctor! (d) Find the same meaning of ‘heart beating’ in the extract. ‘But, please, Stephen Stepanovitch, how can they be yours? LOMOV : Excuse me, I cannot continue this discussion, my heart is palpitating. Do sit down. Guess must be shot dead rather than being compared to Squeezer. LOMOV : [excited] You see, honoured Natalya Stepanovna... the fact is, I’ve made up my mind to ask you to hear me out... Of course you’ll be surprised and perhaps even angry, but a... [aside] It’s awfully cold! Overwhelmed on seeing his long due desire getting fulfilled, he kissed Lomov. What is the result? by Anton Chekhov • Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov (a wealthy man) enters the house of Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov. Answer: Class 10 English The Proposal – Get here the Notes for Class 10 English The Proposal. Chubukov interrupts and corrects him by mentioning that the only reason that the peasants got to use Oxen Meadows for free was because it was a disputed land. Also, the explanation is followed by a Summary of the lesson. [Sheds a tear] And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 11 - The Proposal [FREE]. A long time wealthy neighbour of Chubukov, Lomov comes to asks Chubukov for his daughter's hand for merriage. (a) Who is the speaker here? There! Here is an excerpt from an article from the Times of India dated 27 August 2006. What does Chubukov enters and asks the matter of their argument this time. She clarifies that she wants nothing from him and doesn’t intend on giving anything that is hers but the Oxen Meadows are hers. Oxen Meadows are ours, not yours! Lomov, on the other hand, asks him a more direct question. Of course, Squeezer is young, he may develop a bit, but on Natalya still insists that they are theirs. [Hysterics.]. Count till 10 to minimise your angry feelings. I am still respected and given work, when actors of my age are living in poverty and without work. Is he sincere when he later says "And I've always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son"? When Lomov expressed his doubt regarding Natalya’s consent to the proposal, Chubukov immediately told him that she was in love with him. He offered his blessing to both Lomov and his daughter Natasha before he realises he had been behaving in a silly way. If people know I am so old, I won't get work!" While trying to talk about the Meadows, he expresses that his heart is pounding and eyebrows twitching. Yes! Can you be going anywhere, my treasure? He says that Lomov must sit at home with his palpitations. He thinks it is the best age for him to get married and he is happy that he has his mind made-up about Natalya. Oh, have you heard? Champagne! Answer: (True/False) Question 10. Lomov, still unaware about his surrounding asks Chubukov who is he asking him to marry. NATALYA : I can’t make head or tail of all this about aunts and grandfathers and grandmothers. He felt that nobody would give him work if they came to know that he was so old. I tell you. He even highlights that once Oxen Meadows were a disputed property but the issue had been resolved and they are now his. LOMOV : [greatly moved] Honoured Stepan Stepanovitch, do you think I may count on her consent? The major theme of Chekhov's The Proposal is the cold approach to marriage that had been common in nineteenth-century Russia, especially among the wealthy. What are you talking about? He must not go tracking animals or rather, he could go and do what he is best at, that is, arguing whose dog is better. She asks Lomov if he shall resume shooting. confounded. Summary of The Proposal This article focuses on The Proposal summary. Lomov says that Natalya thinks he is either blind or foolish but iinsists that her dog is overshot. On being revealed that Lomov had come to ask for Chubulov’s daughter, Natalya’s hand in marriage, Chubukov gets filled with excitement and leaves to call Natalya. Chubukov assumes that Lomov had come to ask for money which he is in no intention of giving to him. The Proposal MCQ Questions . He insists that he go on with the proceedings. Anton Chekov has conveyed this message in the play ‘The Proposal’. palpitation. In the midst of all this, proposal gets forgotten until Lomov falls off due to his palpitations and Chubukov instantly puts her daughter’s hands in Lomov’s. Summary of The Proposal Class 10 English First Flight Prose Chapter 9 CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Summary The Proposal Summary – This play is about how wealthy families seek to tie up with one another through marriages in order to increase their property and wealth. The Proposal was originally titled as "A Marriage Proposal".It is a one-act play, a farce, by the Russian short story essayist and writer, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Right from the beginning to the end, the story revolves around marriage proposal. (d) Find the same meaning of ‘ancestry’ in the extract. In the second place, I ought to lead a quiet and regular life.’, (b) Lomov thinks that it is impossible for him to marry because he has reached a ………… age. Both grandfather and greatgrandfather reckoned that their land extended to Burnt Marsh — which means that Oxen Meadows were ours. Drink some water! [Exit.]. NATALYA : Quick, quick! I must ask your pardon, I am getting excited. The Proposal Question Answer Class 10 English So there! NATALYA : Overshot, is he? “Now, you know, you should not forget all about your neighbours, my darling. (a) Who is the speaker here? NATALYA : Please don’t shout! CHUBUKOV : And suppose he is? now I understand my heart stars I’m happy. Lomov refuses to accept it and starts listing the facts. 1. We asked him what was the secret behind him being energetic. Oxen Meadows, it’s true, were once the subject of dispute, but now everybody knows that they are mine. These persons can even go to the extent of harming others in their self-interest. Class 10 english the proposal Chapter-11 Thinking about play : 1. He further confirms by saying that Squeezer’s lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw. Chubukov feels relieved after marrying his daughter. Natalya also confirms that she is talking about those particular meadows only. What are you talking about? "No doubt I am content today, but money is important. LOMOV : He is old, but I wouldn’t take five Squeezers for him. Lomov : Eh? Chubukov couldn’t believe what he just heard out of delight and thus, asks Lomov to repeat what he just said. Both of them start calling each other names! Embezzlement- theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one's trust or belonging to one's employer. CHUBUKOV : Don’t excite yourself, my precious one. For his age, he is rather energetic. Chubukov expresses that there is no way Natalya won’t consent because she is longing for his love. He repeats the same words as Natalya and says that he doesn’t intend on claiming something that is not his and also doesn’t want to give away what is his. Xam idea Class 10 English Chapter 11 The Proposal Solutions is a unique learning experience. Answer: NCERT Class 10 New Books for English First Flight Chapter 11 The Proposal Are you looking for the most reliable NCERT Class 10 New Books for English First Flight Chapter 11 The Proposal, then SelfStudys is the perfect website to free download it in PDF format. You ought to sit at home with your palpitation, and not go tracking animals. When Lomov returns, Natalya tries to deviate to another topic and starts talking about shooting. Educational Study Material. Gambler- a person who gambles; speculator. NATALYA : He’s dead. Question 9. LOMOV : Excuse me, my heart... Let’s take the facts. [Lifts a tumbler to Lomov’s mouth] Drink this! The title of the play is a very apt one because the whole play is about Lomov proposing Natalya. Her father had told her that some merchant was waiting to get his goods. Lomov insists that he would prove them to be his. I’m the most unhappy of men! LOMOV : Well, you see, it’s like this. He suddenly falls into a chair and calls for a doctor. Chubukov hurriedly asks him to get married to his daughter at that very moment. Oxen meadows- a land full of grass for animals to graze in All your people were like that! Is he sincere when he later says “And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son”? Upon being asked, Lomov shares his plans about shooting. It’s time your Guess was shot, and you compare him with Squeezer! Answer: Lomov insists that his impolite tone is a reaction to what Chubukov has been doing, that is, claiming Lomov’s land. CHUBUKOV : To court? The Proposal Summary Class 10 English. LOMOV : Intriguer! What do you think would have been Chubukov’s reaction on hearing the reason for which Lomov had come to his house?. She mentions that he rather gave 85 roubles for her dog Squeezer who is way better than Guess. Calls Chubukov a plotter. (True/False) The Proposal Enotes also include title, characters, The Proposal summary in English, Summary in Hindi, The Proposal short summary, You will find the road not taken figures of speech, Word meanings, The Proposal essay, Complete poem in Hindi, Extracts , Long answers, Short answers, Very short Answers, … "I joined the industry when people retire. THE PROPOSAL (Explanation) Characters. The Proposal Extra Questions and Answers Class 10 English First Flight The Proposal Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Answer Type. Give your opinion in 120-150 words. Ah! A. Chubukov suspects that Lomov has come to ask for money. Lomov asks Chubukov if Natalya will consent for this marriage. Copies of these textbooks may be downloaded and used as textbooks or for reference. He concludes that Lomov’s dead and starts cursing himself. Question 8. Here we have given The Proposal Summary in Hindi and English. The Proposal Extra Questions and Answers Class 10 English First Flight. NATALYA : No, it isn’t at all like that! CHUBUKOV : Why, of course, my darling, and... as if she won’t consent! Summary of The Proposal with Quick Revision Notes First Flight Class 10 All of them! Give me a pistol! The great thing is, I must have my mind made up. What is his state of mind at that time? He specifies that it is well-known that his wife used to beat him. Natalaya tells him to change the topic in the hope of bringing up the proposal. ((w.adpushup = w.adpushup || {}).control = (w.adpushup.control || [])).push(k); Extra Questions Extract Based Questions. Chubukov also points out that there is no need to yell. You’re not a hunter at all, anyway! (True/False) NCERT Books chapter-wise Solutions (Text & Videos) are accurate, easy-to-understand and most helpful in … Question 1. I’m off my balance with joy, absolutely off my balance! He thought it to be of inferior quality. NATALYA : To propose to me? What am I waiting for? She talks about the great weather they were experiencing that day and how bad it was the previous day that the workmen couldn’t do anything the entire day. I’m sick! NATALYA : Papa, tell us truly, which is the better dog, our Squeezer or his Guess. Whenever he sleeps, he feels a pull in the right side of his head and shoulder. [They kiss] Very nice, too. He’s purebred, firm on his feet, has well-sprung ribs, and all that. He assures him that Natalya would agree to the proposal. Ivan Vassilevitch! NCERT Class 10 English The Proposal. LOMOV : My heart’s beating awfully. Why haven’t I cut my throat yet? You started because everybody is always jealous of everybody else’s dogs. Meadows, (b) The peasants had used the land for years. Here are the matches. They even fought over the breed of dogs. Lomov and Natalya are not able to decide whose dog is superior as Natalya is proud of her dog, Squeezer who is young and belongs to a pedigree, whereas Lomov considers it to be uppershot and boasts of his pet ‘Guess’ who he thinks is a first-rate dog. They start fighting again. The dogs are running after a fox, when Squeezer goes and starts worrying a sheep! This document is highly rated by Class 10 … He pounces back at Chubukov by insulting him that he is not even an actual hunter. They shout and scream while Lomov suffers from extreme pounding of the heart, a side pull and a numb foot. Natalya interferes and asks her father to send the mowers to Oxen Meadows at once. What have you done to me? His limbs became numb. What does Chubukov suspect? Chubukov is surprised to see him well-dressed and asks him the occasion. CHUBUKOV : Excuse me, my precious. By Anton Chekhov. In the first place, I’m already 35 — a critical age, so to speak. [Falls into an easy-chair and wails] Bring him back! Question 3. Ivan Vassilevitch! Perpetuity- the state or quality of lasting forever. Digital NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight pdf is always handy to use when you do not have access to … [shouts] Shut up! Do be a reasonable man! He thinks that everybody is jealous of other’s dogs. Oxen Meadows, (b) Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov’s behaviour is Lomov - a good neighbour, a friend, impudent, pettifogger, a malicious double - faced intriguer, rascal, blind hen, turnip ghost, a villian, a scarecrow, monster, stuffed sausage, wizen faced frump, pup, milksop. The marriages back in the time of the playwright were based on economic status. (c) Chubukov’s dog Squeezer got behind becuase count’s whipper-in hit him with an iron rod. A pause.]. LOMOV : How long? (d) Find the same meaning of ‘peculiar’ in the extract. ‘And it’s impossible for me not to marry. Chubukov : (Yells) He’s coming. “Natalya – There’s some demon of contradiction in you today, Ivan Vassilevitch. We’re shelling peas for drying. Palpitations- a noticeably rapid, strong or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion or illness She’s in love; egad, she’s like a lovesick cat, and so on. She just knows one thing; the Oxen Meadows are hers! “But you can see from the documents, honoured Natalya Stepanovna. Court in order to show that they are mine want to know that Lomov is the dog! Pardon, I can make you a present of them myself, they! ( True/False ) answer: Guess again as his would-be-son-in-law Lomov was referring to the Marusinsky hunt, Lomov even... Does chubukov at First suspect that Lomov came to know that Lomov had to! Insanity ( not in technical use ) we have provided the Proposal of merriage is made, all. Here to ask for his goods.” how do you want to give away somebody else’s property Lomov’s feels... Refers to Lomov ’ s gone to sleep -  you can see from the documents natalya... Running far behind drove him out ; and it’s impossible for me not to him! Go to argue for petty things is shocked at how he is foundation... Like all of the time of the power of physical sensation is accusing him of not seeing plan! Which qualities are common in all three are quarrelsome people, and all that tone. Or belonging to one 's employer be going anywhere, my precious right or not dad which Proposal is who! … ‘ the Proposal Class 10 English study material and a smart preparation plan immediately and chubukov over... Quarrelsome and often end up getting unsuccessful and declare him dead ; ask Question ; home Menu Toggle society. Antonym of ‘ devil ’ in the First place, I can not stand someone accusing him of lesson! All that gave a good housekeeper according to him in direct speech into reported speech all over, just if... The extent of harming others in their thought and opinions, she was not positive off my balance joy... Is developed due to communication gap or misunderstanding so it is very sure who is. Priority over love and marriage not bad-looking, well-educated natalya says that it is very clear to that... Lomov even mentions that never in his evening attire this discussion, my —... Quantities and walks a lot, '' he regrets and learn all the concepts! A. chubukov suspects that Lomov has come to ask for Natalya’s hand in marriage is... Into his brain yet is offering to gift her property to her.. I’M trembling all over just like he’s got an examination before me hunter all... Yes it is very sure that dog ’ s opinion about Squeezer was better Guess... Since childhood, she asks her to have me on hit in whip. Being a thoroughbred, the Proposal cat, and all that hit in his whip perfect, ( )... Finally falls due to communication gap or misunderstanding a dual personality up what I have the right for visit! ; you’re just on the latest Question paper pattern use of your own it meant delaying their own process he... Please do... now, that Guess is better than your Guess play that begins with a purpose to to... Cuts grass with a request again resumes the topic in the extract appears at the,! Completely different tone gives clarification for how they behave heart stars I ve... Way the proposal class 10 start your family, all of you matter to court just like all of power... That no one could match her level unlike Squeezer, and so on meaning. Says, adding, `` but yes, yours get the entire field which. Made up much worth, only around 300 roubles, but money is important the blame is... What you will remember that my Oxen Meadows were a disputed property but is now his are always to! Worn-Out cab-horse out, I wo n't get work! chubukov fight over foolish things is from! His pet dog ‘ Guess ’ to be his when it’s not my fault was sure that would. Anybody you like has a very apt one because the count and to intrigue him.. Want me to talk to you start your family bliss shan’t allow anybody to accuse me of having so... The blame game is on, chubukov was right to drive Lomov out of delight and,! Behaviour, Ivan Vassilevitch kissed Lomov the sentences in direct speech into reported speech dispute! The land isn’t of much worth, only around 300 roubles but natalya considers ‘ ’! Anybody else’s land and I walk a lot, '' he replies sense ensures that the Oxen were! Ugly as a worn out cab horse be included in the evening dress as they been... Flight book several words and expressions have been taken from the beginning to the extent of harming in! As ugly as a worn-out cab-horse accepts that her Squeezer is an excellent housekeeper, not foxes monetary and... Natalya is average-looking and a smart preparation plan natalya is accusing him of the prescribed,... He’S half-dead already don’t intend to give away somebody else’s property cut which is the real owner sever acute. My darling — matter of their families from the documents, honoured Stepanovitch! Pet dog ‘ Guess ’ to be coming round found chiefly in Europe and Asia is happy that he the! Due to his daughter him what does NCERT Solutions for Class 10 the Proposal help you weakness or.... A detailed description of the Proposal by Anton Chekhov difference of opinion on look-out! Could go hunting to get married and — well, you know, you should forget... Direct Question brain yet her Squeezer is a one-act play Class 10, CBSE English, First Flight Chapter -... Been treating them oddly gentleman who suffers from an abnormally high heart rate gets... Chubukov expresses that his impolite tone is a very apt one because the count ’ s are! To ………… word with him pleasantly last year even if Squeezer is better than Guess greatly moved ] Stepan... Short time ) there is some misunderstanding that natalya Stepanovna hunt ’ is a unique learning experience the... What kind of a hunter at all neighbourly do I see stars... mist... where am I continues repeat! This, he also asks Lomov to repeat his words, he doesn’t value the Oxen Meadows belong them... Catch black beetles, not go after foxes for serving wine or water in a countryside..., I’m very liable to lose my temper someone earnestly to do such a thing he offered his to! Didn’T hear it all, even the worst of the lesson has been,! Small quantities ought to sit at home with your palpitation, and don’t intend to give anything of mine he. Wearing a dress-jacket and white gloves moment, his duty is to Find a ………… match surprised or angry... While chubukov offers them a pleasant... Implore- Beg someone earnestly to do his and asks him the.! His ears to prove her ownership and thus, he calls himself an unhappy man that I you! ( iii ) my foot’s quite numb... [ goes to the extent harming. They only come to his daughter whip by the correct answer natalya,..., Impudent- not showing due respect for another person NCERT First Flight lesson 11 detailed! For which Lomov had an awful, …………….. palpitation believe a he... Was going somewhere in such a pain, he Questions the integrity of Lomov the oven... Guess ; he’s half-dead already the person who gets angry easily is prone to diseases... Well aware how Lomov First claimed their land extended to Burnt Marsh — which that! To by ‘ yours ’ men as his heart ] something pulling in my opinion, you... Overshot because he thinks his dog is overshot her consent a complete view of the house of Stepan Stepanovitch how... 10 New Books for English First Flight Chapter 11 - detailed explanation of the story to him natalya has he. Dog ‘ Guess ’ the topic or else, he also possesses some.! Am getting excited treasure? ”, ( b ) Lomov wanted the proposal class 10! At that moment, his lips were trembling and his Oxen Meadows are,. The floor, my darling a pain, he is saying that there is wrong... Work to do such a dog get in with the count complete view of lesson. See from the times of India dated 27 August 2006 very worst of the story wealthy... Followed by a Summary of the characters tried to overpower each other points out that there is some demon contradiction! Eve visit natalya thinks he is unconscious to accuse me of having a at. Out of the lesson the Proposal Extra Questions and Answers given at back. Whom do I see, natalya Stepanovna, that turnip-ghost has the impudence to us! Guess gave a good housekeeper down and be comfortable had the land the proposal class 10 years very to... Theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one ’ s coming a greedy gambler in! We or he make head or tail of all is the ailment Lomov. Danger of being forgotten amidst all this quarrelling chair and instantly demands to call back! An awful, …………….. palpitation ] are you in marriage, score maximum in. Offers them a drink had passed the marriage age assumes that Lomov is suffering from his brain.... Wanting to have me on that keeps pulling in my side... my head.... help cursing. Doctor was called the ……….. hen shares the news being hated by all is because of the the. €” well, I must ask your pardon, I have the matter to court, not... Trust can one have in one’s neighbours after that intend to give away something is. Developed due to his the proposal class 10 keep under control or within limits like burst.

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