@samuelvictor I understand where you are coming from with the handhelds that don't have backlighting, I also grew up with a NGPC and even though I loved it I never really want to play it these days. As the Neo Geo was best known for its 1vs1 fighting games I figured it would lie towards those. And yeah, theres a reason why I own boxed complete versions of games for nearly every system from my childhood except the AES, they are just sooo pricey. I also have a big interest in that lost era of odd 32-bit consoles, and for similar reasons as I remember reading about it but never knew anyone who had the stuff. Honorable Mention: Bust-A-Move, Puzzle Bobble 2, Gururin. The King of Fighters 2001 It would be nice if they were better about not releasing games so randomly, but as a fan who always wanted to buy the real thing but could never justify it, it is hard to complain right now. But here are the 10 top Neo Geo games of all time as far as we can tell: 10. But I'd still rather have physical copies where possible, just incase. I even had a Tapwave Zodiac back when that was the new and forward thinking handheld is you can even remember it. And after they made Metal Slug and Neo Turf Masters SNK bought them anyway, so there really is no reason for them to leave Neo Turf Masters off. Metal Slug 3 Once you have the game downloaded and installed it is just like owning anything physical as even the old hardware can get lost over time. Alpha Mission II I can understand that KOF is a big thing for SNK... but 10 versions of it on the Mini? The Neo Geo Mini is inspired by the classic Neo Geo MVS arcade system and contains over 40 old-school favorites. Twinkle Star Sprites is one of my favorite games, wish they would have included it on both versions. @JayJ Haha funnily enough I've only properly got into collecting for the 80s microcomputers fully recently as a lot of what I wanted from the 80s and 90s consoles I already own. I've already noticed certain games are not able to be downloaded anymore because of licensing changes, like Ridge Racer, Street Fighter and Dead or Alive. Ninja Commando Metal Slug 2 It used to frustrate me that my dad couldn't see stuff on my Gameboy in the 90s when I would try and show him stuff, seemingly I now am old enough to have the same issue! It's bad enough that ML was included in SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1. The Neo Geo Mini is an adorable little package, and if you’re mostly looking for an attractive display piece for your shelf or desk, the Mini’s got charm to spare. Metal Slug X The King of Fighters 2003 Luckily I didn't got the joystick issue and used the 80 games image file that a brazilian youtube made. I also had the NES version but it wasn’t really anything compared to the arcade. When it’s settled in your lap you have to crane your neck at an unfortunate angle and when it's sitting on a flat surface it’s awkward managing the controls without accidentally shoving the whole machine around. On the Neo Geo Mini the optional controllers are also missing the microswitches (more on this below). Real Bout: Fatal Fury Speaking of the games, there’s a definite bias towards 2D fighting games. The King of Fighters 2000 The King of Fighters 2000 I'm frankly surprised they went with it, as it won't really work under a TV, and the tiny screen won't really cut it for long. That's alot of King of Fighters games. It's not that bad. @JoakimZ that’s a bummer, I didn’t realize that. The Neo Geo logos on the blue hood are screen-printed on, not labels. I would prefer physical but lets be realistic here, I have never bought them for a good reason. Magician Lord It was an ambitious move for Nokia at the time, but it shows how flawed the attempts at adding a game console with a cell phone were in an era before smartphones. Add to the fact that you had to actually remove the back of the console and battery to change games cartdridge and its one of the worst designed bits of gaming hardware I remember. @brianvgplayer Good point! The Neo Geo Mini channels the spirit of 90s SNK, but it falls short of the luxury you might expect of the brand. SNK MVSX Home Arcade. by Retro Gamer Team, 16 May 2014 263,794 views 15 comments. Still, key titles that we're missing but I hope they keep putting them out. The lack of Ikari Warriors has me thinking I might just get the collection for Switch and call it a day. I liked the design of the Japanese unit more anyway, but IDK... hopefully it's as hackable as the Nintendo classic systems... @Gerbwmu The game lists are completely different. But yeah, I also appreciate I'm old fashioned and in an ever shrinking minority. I'm a bit gutted. I myself might even be interested if the price was low enough (like $49.99). The four face buttons and start and select are compressed into a little corridor on the right side of the chassis; accidentally hitting the wrong one while you’re trying to focus on gameplay on the little screen is virtually guaranteed. I've rebought physical copies of all the games I care about just incase. I've been mildly frustrated by the drip speed and random appearing order. This isn't just another wrestling game, it's THE wrestling game, brought to you in 106 super-charged megabytes of NEO GEO power! King of the Monsters Ghost Pilots I pretty much gave up on that, same with what I did with an old Gamegear and 32X, those just proved to be very unreliable devices. Gameboy Retro FC 400 Games Console - Game Mini Gamepad Retro Portabel. O_O. The Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Mini has better games, but it's still mostly the same device. @RetroGamingBlog I think all of the games are ones developed by SNK. Blue’s Journey Related Pages. It'''s shaped like a nostalgic arcade machine, and it comes with a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display of its own. Crossed Swords A bit more interesting than EA's E3 presentation! If you’re not interested in dipping deep into the pool of King of Fighter’s history, or reliving the glory days of the Samurai Shodown franchise, the Neo Geo Mini is likely not for you. I just think modern convenience is too worthwhile to brush off and dismiss. Not had a problem with downloaded games on my Switch or PS4 Pro yet. Forgot account? I'll import the Asian neo mini because I like the colour of the unit better then slap a load of roms on myself , it's bound to be easily hackable. Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Metal Slug. Doesn't really matter to me as there's only half a dozen Neo Geo games I'm interested in playing. The King of Fighters 2003 It is why I got myself a Jaguar and a whole collection of Jaguar games. Samurai Shodown V Special Fatal Fury Special Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle Ninja Commando The system itself is an interesting, unusual design. Samurai Shodown V Special It is why finding a backlit Game.com was such a big deal to me when I was looking for them. Metal Slug 3 Cashback. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle NEOGEO Mini Christmas Limited Edition (RED) Top Player’s Golf Sengoku 3 I had to get 2 replacement Wiis, and 1 replacement WiiU for example, so I don't imagine that my current consoles will last forever - and when I replace them (or in many years source parts if no direct replacements are available) I'm reliant on Nintendo having their servers up and still having the rights to the games. Great, we get green blood in SSII and sweat in all the Metal Slugs (amongst other edits) because they're making it run like a US home machine. Fancy A Second Switch Dock For Your Bedroom Or Office? The Last Blade 2 Speaking of the games, there’s a definite bias towards 2D fighting games. 8-bit consoles were just before my time, I grew up with Genesis and SNES then moved on to PS1 and N64, I didn't really even get into NES and Turbo era games until I got older and started downloading some of the stuff from VC, it was a nice easily accessible way for me to get into that. The King of Fighters ’98 Thankfully most of the "must play" pc games of that era have been updated for new hardware and put on GoG, or at the very least can be played with Dos box. Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy It is sort of what got me into it as I honestly didn't even know the platform existed when I was a kid. Mining nostalgia dollars is by no means a new practice but we must admit SNK seems to be pulling it off in style. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. I like collecting the "big box" versions of them, along with Amiga titles, @OnBeingHuman gotta piggyback on success and hope they are adept at making sufficient supply rather than ripoff Nintendo style. Run and fully supported by SNK. If this is supposed to have widespread appeal, that doesn't seem like a sensible move, especially as there are other great Neo Geo games which could have been included instead. World Heroes Perfect. I get that most people don't want to still play games they bought 20, 30 or even more years ago, and therefore don't care about servers innevitably disapearing. The physical benefits are not worth the thousands upon thousands of dollars they would command. That’s definitely one of my favorite games from back then. It works fine for now. It’s not quite the $649.99 of the original, but it still feels way too steep when contrasted with its more competent contemporaries. Metal Slug 2 I honestly think the Gizmondo was ahead of it's time. Last Resort Last Resort Feature: Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Games. Guess if King of Fighters is your thing, yay?Nintendo mini wide game selection this is not. @samuelvictor I am pretty sure my entire collection of nearly every ACA Neo Geo game on the Switch cost me less than a single MVS/AES title would have on Ebay. I've already lived long enough to be told I can no longer redownload certain books I bought on Kindle as the rights only lasted for a certain amount of years for that distribution deal. Guess I'm spoiled by modern handhelds and mobiles, I remember the screen on the PSP being a revelation for me the first time I saw it, and its hard to go back (especially as I could play most of my old handheld games on it through emulation!). Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle Please refresh the page and try again. I assume by CYBER-UP they actually mean CYBER-LIP? I do still have a 486 laptop with DOS though for when only retro hardware will do. Crossed Swords There is also a global menu that can be accessed by pressing Start+Select which allows for saving states, volume, brightness, and changing games (feature missing from the Nintendo minis). One area I'm seriously lacking in owning is PC Engine / Turbo Grafx stuff, as it was almost non existant in the UK. Fatal Fury Special I contacted Nintendo and they tested the 3DS and said it must be the card. SNK's $109 Neo Geo Mini is a replica arcade machine that fits in the palm of your hand. List items If you want to be a true hardcore collector then go for a complete Neo Geo collection. I expect it to be really expensive, but if it isn't I'm glad to see international line-up has only 4-5 games I was planning on buying on Switch -and for now I'll refrain from doing it-, plus 2 I already have. Neo Geo Mini will include the following 40 titles: Burning Fight That seems to be the problem with old handhelds that were reliant on built-in rechargeable batteries, but somehow the GBA SP had seemed to prove reliable after all these years. The only marks against the physical presentation of the version that we received is that it’s less colorful and more bland looking than its Japanese counterpart - meaning that the buttons and their labels don’t stand out very well - and it doesn’t feature any of the bezel or side art that drew my gaze in the hot, smoky arcades of my youth. I was never a big fan of the Tiger handhelds, but I had a couple as a kid and they are definitely an iconic part of an era. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. Learn more, While it makes for an incredible desk ornament, anyone looking to actually play with the Neo Geo Mini is courting disappointment. Above and below are direct captures from SNK's presentation, with the full list of games for both systems down further. BA1 1UA. As with so many other products marketed towards nostalgic adults looking to experience a blissful moment of wish fulfilment, though, the Neo Geo Mini ultimately feels a bit hollow. Top Ten Neo Geo Games. Some of these decisions irk me enough that I doubt I will be satisfied, it might just be a source of frustration. I'm more into the older generation of failed handhelds like the Supervision, Megaduck, Gamate and Game.com... only one there with a decent amount of playable games is the Supervision, but again I find the lack of backlight problematic nowadays. is a puzzle video game made by the Taito Corporation in 1995. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers King of the Monsters The Last Blade The Game Boy Light is probably my favorite of the era as it gives me everything I liked about the 90's era of handhelds with a screen that I can actually easily see in most conditions. The NGage was similarly powerful with decent ports of Tomb Raider etc, but had that really stupid vertical screen, when most of the games were ports of horizontal ones - the Sonic Advance port was completely unplayable. I spent around £300 on download copies of retail games. Twinkle Star Sprites Feature: What’s The Sexiest Nintendo Console Ever? Unfortunately, the International version will retail for $109.99 when it launches on October 15, and if you include two controllers the final price tag is more than double the cost of the superior SNES Classic. Looks like I might have to import this if I want it. The King of Fighters 2002 The Neo Geo Mini includes more fighting games whilst the International version has more action titles. I find it very hard to play unlit screens nowadays, and even the old backlit colour screens are fuzzy and ghost to much for me to really play much, sadly. But the ones I like I really like. Metal Slug 3 The Neo Geo Mini includes more fighting games whilst the International version has more action titles. Garou: Mark of the Wolves I don't think SNK had the money to invest in paying for licensing just to have an old crossover fighting game included for their product. Jakarta Pusat Kingkong Games (2) Tambah ke Wishlist. On top of this, the Neo mini is emulating the Neo Geo AES Gold system that came with the memory card. If the price tag weren’t quite so high, I might recommend the Neo Geo Mini purely on the strength of its desk appeal. @samuelvictor Personally I am very happy with the ACA Neo Geo games they got for the Switch. =P. This means that you can enjoy the games without the need to connect it to a TV or a monitor. Create New Account. Stop forcing us to play illegal roms when you know we'll pay for the games if they are available! SNK official authorized online store, MVSX Home Arcade, Arcade Stick Pro, NEOGEO Mini, Retro Arcade Fun R1 and Game Console Accessories on sale, 100% original, Devastated there’s no Windjammers or Neo Turf Masters. I'm in a minority to care about such stuff, but we all have our hobbies. Ninja Master’s: Haou Ninpou Chou Narrowing it down to just 10 games for the Neo Geo was tough – there are so many amazing titles for this strange, beautiful system. And some scrolling beat em ups, and a platformer on the international version. That was cold comfort for the ten year old version of myself drooling over photos and screenshots of it in comics and trade magazines, however, craving those huge, colorful, exotic characters and vibrant, animated backgrounds. It was released in three different iterations; a 24-bit cartridge-based arcade system board called the Multi Video System (MVS), a cartridge-based home video game console called the Advanced Entertainment System (AES), and a CD-based home console called the Neo Geo CD. Instead, my friends and I only knew of Neo Geo from magazine articles and ads listing the home console for close to $600, with individual games coming in at $200 or so. Hosted by 44 Bytes. @moroboshi Yeah but Nintendo is bigger and had more money than SNK. I bought a big memory card, brand new, decent brand, researched compatibility first. Metal Slug But no big issue, and I can say why they chose the other sequels instead. World Heroes Perfect, 3 Count Bout If it can't be hacked for adding new games both versions will definitely be lacking a lot of interesting games. But yeah I agree theres more affordable ways to legally play many NeoGeo games than there's ever been. Other than Metal slug series, does it have anything that isn't just a lot of fighting games and a few sports games? The King of Fighters ’98 Not Now. The NGPC and Gameboy Pocket are both amazing systems that I loved to death at the time, but its a shame there is no proper backlight solotion for them, it puts me off playing them much today. It’s a lovely recreation of the top half of an SNK arcade cabinet, and while it feels sturdy and well made it’s still light enough to hold in your lap without being too unwieldy. If you don’t want to take out a second mortgage on your home you could simply focus on the following ten amazing games. Each game is based on its home console counterpart, rather than the arcade entries, allowing players to access extra features and characters. World Heroes Perfect. GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I'd lump AES in with that period as well, but of course the costs put me off as previously said. Metal Slug The King of Fighters ’99 King of the Monsters 2 You will receive a verification email shortly. That said, day one for me if <= US$100, maybe $150. Art of Fighting I'll wait and see what the 40th anniversary collection on Switch looks like. But yeah, its extremely fighter heavy. Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers I too have had a bad experience with memory cards, I got a USB memory stick for my Wii U that simply wouldn't work right for some reason even though it didn't seem to have anything wrong with it, but then I just went back to using an older one which never had any problems. I'm in for the complete Metal Slug collection. Metal Slug 4 Unfortunately, the Mini’s beauty is skin deep. @samuelvictor Yeah I had a feeling the X wouldn't be worth it, glad I avoided it now since my Switch just seems to be a vastly superior take on the same concept. Alpha Mission II. Yeah the weird lost consoles are endlessly fascinating to me. As previously noted, there are 40 titles on each device, with 14 of them differing between the two units. @JayJ Yeah I've recently seen some Youtube reviews of Gizondo games, they are surprisingly good. Touch wood. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad news. Thing is, if you were really so against having games installed on a device you wouldn't be interested in this item in the first place. Blazing Star Another thing I liked to collect was handhelds, I got myself a Game Boy Light and some odd stuff like a Gizmondo. Thinking it over, I would've easily bought both versions if the lineups weren't so goofy. A product they are still not sure if it'll sell successfully. See more of NEO GEO Mini on Facebook. Rp 60.000. Cool stuff man! Hmm, I’m kinda satisfied with the Neo Geo games I have on Switch to be honest. Just wanted to thank you for this guide. @samuelvictor Yeah the N-Gage is just a terribly designed piece of hardware as far as portable game consoles go IMO. Arcade. The King of Fighters ’97 If I decide to buy one, it won't be the International one. Why Top Players Golf over Neo Turf Masters? There is a menu option to swap between 4:3 and widescreen modes while you’re in TV mode, but no way to force the Mini to output square pixels and sharpen the image. Obviously the games are very basic LCD style things but the big liscences make them interesting to me from a collectors standpoint, especially as I collect Daytona stuff and you can get a Daytona branded console pack. Twinkle Star Sprites, Mini International Exclusive: TBH they should just release a compilation with all the games. Puzzled Rp 875.000. @samuelvictor Yeah we all have our experiences to justify our actions. At least the Jaguar and 3DO have some great games to redeem their value for collectors. The Last Blade 2 Here are the games broken down by verison: Mini Exclusive: Sengoku 3 Now the battery is dead and I haven't used it in years, but apparently that is a quick and cheap fix. The King of Fighters ’96 The King of Fighters ’95 Cyber-Lip The fact that the keep putting off talking about the price make me think it won’t be as cheap as I’d hope it would be either, although that’s just a guess. KOF WORLD. SNK has announced the Neo Geo mini, a handheld stand-alone video game system loaded with 40 games originally released on the Neo Geo arcade system.Rather than … Wonder if these companies knew these games would eventually bring cash as in the old times (meaning all, including Nintendo and all the “remastered”-or not versions shipping to new consoles. I do love to check out some of the youtube channels that cover old 80's tech simply out of curiosity though, I always found it interesting to see where so many of these platforms got their start. The SNK Neo Geo Mini is a faithful retro game console filled with 40 classic arcade games, but a high price, awkward design, and some strange omissions keep it from must-have status. @JayJ Ah the Zodiac is one that I was trying to remember the name of but forgot, I always associate it with the Gizmondo. Neo Geo Mini is a dedicated miniature home arcade console developed by SNK as part of the … It was very promising and I loved it for a while but the promising titles never materialized and the company just sort of fell apart. The lunar nightmare of a bloody 200-year space war was thought to be over in the "original" ALPHA MISSION. Metal Slug X Sengoku 3 ... the VMU did support a range of mini games including a Chao pet sim in Sonic Adventure and Zombie ... the Neo Geo Pocket Color featured a … His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat. Garou: Mark of the Wolves Shame as SNK vs Capcom was one of the best fighters on the system. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. I'm just a sucker for physically owning stuff, downloads really turn me off (what if the device dies, memory gets wiped etc in the future once servers are down and I can't redownload it?) I've got the majority of those games on my Switch, and a Hori arcade stick. Everything else is a (welcome) bonus. The King of Fighters games have always been cheeky ;) but who's is more toned ? There were always going to be missing games, but Art of Fighting over AoF3 and Top Players Golf over Turf Masters are bizarre decisions. Robo Army Super Sidekicks

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