This album will set minds to spinning and toes to tapping. It's Probably Me. The spooky, dubwise reggae tune from 'Zenyatta Mondatta' now steams along like a workout by soul-jazz organist Jimmy Smith. Johnny Rivers - Positively 4th Street No 10. Once you're in a successful group you become part of people's gestalt, and you're not allowed to escape from it. Despite all the guff you may have heard about 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' being a jazz inspired album, forget it. I'm probably in the top five commercial song writers in the world, so I am assured some kind of guarantee of success. Yet I'd suspect that the rest of the band edited his pronouncements for commercial zoning; without them, he does tend to go on about "All the bloodshed all the anger / All the weapons all the greed / All the armies all the missiles / All the symbols of our fear," as he does on 'Love Is The Seventh Wave'. I'm not that interested in jazz to produce a jazz record. Taisto Tammi ja Arthur Fuhrmannin ork - St. Paulin lyhtyjen alla There are splendid contributions from keyboardist Kenny Kirkland and especially saxophonist Branford Marsalis, whose solos offer annotations to the lyrics. Lyrics. The album was recorded at Eddy Grant's studio (Blue Wave) in Barbados. Many of your Real Book favorites can be found here and in the iGigBook iOS and Android App. Jardin D'hiver . Talking about my band, all the people in my band are from middle-class backgrounds; I'm the only working-class kid in the band. Cheek to cheek. I wrote the songs, and I was more famous and I sang, so I had an advantage, but there was no way that they were my sidemen. Marsalis' job is to add a soulful edge where Sting has neglected it, and his soprano sax is a vital element on 'Love Is The Seventh Wave' and 'Children's Crusade'. Nearness of you (The) On the sunny side of the street It wasn't as if I were in the spotlight and these guys were...they were given the stage. Cheek to cheek. "International Musician, '85"These musicians, who were all ten years younger than me and middle-class blacks at that, did things so naturally and so easily. "'Lyrics', 10/07"The title of the album came from a dream that woke me up on my first night in Barbados. You can hear how much fun he's having, and how much goosing he gets from the band, in the remake of the Police's Shadows in the Rain. I wanted to give them a new springboard. Come Fly With Me. The album name comes from a dream Sting had. shape of my heart 8. The Dream of the Blue Turtles est le premier album studio de la carrière solo de Sting sorti en 1985, soit un an après la séparation de son ancien groupe The Police.Sting voulait que ses fans le voient beaucoup plus qu'un simple membre de Police [réf. Je vois des visages tandis qu'ils passent sous les réverbères. "The Courier Mail (Australia), 7/85On the dream that inspired the album's title..."The overriding feeling I had in that dream was joy, watching this spectacle of my garden getting wrecked. When friend and journalist Vic Garbarini visited him he found Sting working on a ballad about a vampire, a reggae-waltz that linked the Great War and heroin addiction, and a Slavic minor-key melody in a classical orchestration. Summer 1984 found Sting in London working on his first new songs since the split of The Police. Nevertheless, we all set out for Eddie Grant's studio in Barbados with a bag full of new songs and a mission to start a new adventure. Like someone in love. Body and Soul vers.1. The song has the same melody as Autumn Leaves Actions. Played throughout the 1985/86 tour, a live version of the track recorded in Arnhem can be found on the ‘Bring on The Night’ album. The song laments the deadly byproducts of the nuclear industry from the angry, unsung viewpoint of mine workers ("One day in a new clear age/they may understand our rage/Build machines that they can't control/and bury the waste in great big hole...").But there's a lighter touch here as well. Seven Days. In this band it was very clear what we did. 'Consider Me Gone' is a bluesy, lounge-jazz kiss-off of a love affair, while the album's title track instrumental is a slice of pure improvisational joy, echoing Brubeck. They're a good symbol: The turtle is a creature who lives both under the sea and out of it. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. So with the album I wanted to destroy a lot of preconceptions and expectations, and do something unsettlingly different. The Playing Out Duo sing & play a big mix of easy listening or background music including popular trad & swing jazz and ballads from the 50's, 60's & various other things, or If proffered just play a specialised jazz set singing and playing popular tunes. 'Children's Crusade' makes a rather tenuous connection between soldiers in World War I and young drug users. The Monk-ish title tune and ambitious compositions like 'We Work The Black Seam' and 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' are the work of an original artist. Sumner's Tales: Sting talks..."Following the massive success of 'Synchronicity', I decided to set out on my own. My threshold for boredom is very, very low. Kern & Harbach - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Shape of My Heart. There¬ís a lot of nervous energy in it. In 'Consider Me Gone', he comments, "The search for perfection is all very well/But to look for heaven is to live here in hell." Show More Show Less. The brim of my hat hides the eyes of a beast. Morning (Poem From The Movie Il Postino) Lyrics 0:56 . I played on 'Fortress Around Your Heart', only because I was writing it in the studio, and basically I just put down the bass straightaway and it seemed fine, so I kept it on. I like people to go, "What the fuck is that boy gonna do next"International Musician, '85"I'm very pleased with the record. "Los Angeles News, 6/85On the dream that inspired the album's title..."These massive, macho, virile prehistoric blue turtles were rolling around, doing back flips, wrecking everything. "Musician, 12/87"Blue Turtles had songs on it that I thought would never get on the radio, but because I was in such a position of power it was a challenge. It was a band in the sense that they were allowed to do that. Choose and determine which version of Moon Over Bourbon Street chords and tabs by Sting you can play. Lullaby of Birdland. Georgia on my mind ... Take the A train. Autumn leaves 1) NY!!! Gee Baby, Aint I Good To You. There was also, he noted, an uptempo catchy tune called 'Set Them Free'. Peggy Watson - Down on the Haight Street No 11. I'm interested in the spirit of live music, and I don't think Branford, Omar, Kenny, Darryl or myself miss the spirit of rock & roll at all. Thank God we didn't win. It's not going to fit terribly well on radio formats, for example. "The Courier Mail, 7/85"First of all there's Branford Marsalis, who isn't good at anything. I've the face of a sinner, but the hands of a priest. But nothing the Police have done - as entertaining as the group is - could have prepared anyone for this distinctive album. 889. Moon Over Bourbon Street a été écrit par Sting (aussi connu comme Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE). Keith Jarrett - Memories of Tomorrow. Like a chemist confident of his materials but unsure how his experiment would turn out, Sting took chances.It worked.For this experimentation he hired saxman Branford Marsalis and keyboardist Kenny Kirkland - both from the ranks of mainstream jazz artist Wynton Marsalis' band. Moon Over Bourbon Street appears on Sting's 1985 debut solo album ‘The Dream of the Blue Turtles’. I have to be inspired before I write, but then when you're writing about issues like the miners' strike, the proliferation of nuclear power, and the arms race, then you have to have a certain responsibility to those issues. I'm interested in selling songs. "In January 1985, Sting went to New York to recruit a new band, enlisting Garbarini to help him. Jul 4, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by With Grace II. The waltz time 'Children's Crusade' followed, dragging some wonderful saxaphone playing from Branford, and then 'Consider Me Gone' - the latter helped by the band being pushed by the presence of the president of Guyana who was a surprise studio visitor.Some in-studio improvisation led to the foundation of the tune that would become 'Love Is The Seventh Wave', and the next week saw the basic tracks for 'Russians', 'We Work The Black Seam', and 'Fortress Around Your Heart' also being recorded.Only seven weeks after recording began, Sting was back in New York playing the unmixed tapes to A&M, and making plans to head to Le Studio in Quebec for final mixing. I want to be able to change what I do. I've no choice but to follow that call. And lovingly, he frees us of the Jungian densities and pathological tilt of the last Police album, 'Synchronicity', and its arch-possessive ballad, 'Every Breath You Take'.On 'The Dream of the Blue Turtles', the Police chief voices a clear, anti-war, global valentine amid a boggling array of polished, passionate yet subtly insinuating tunes. Ecouter Sting Moon Over Bourbon Street, clip de Sting. My romance. I had arrangements and we worked from there. That's the foundation. Band Call. Just friends. My voice, it's so weak. What they're doing is destroying my safe formula, my safe back yard. I have dreams where I create the most unbelievable music, music like Mozart, that I don't consciously have the knowledge to write. Since I Fell For You Al Jarreau. A lot of thought and energy went into it. Total mayhem. Only we don't hear them so much any more, because for the last seven years, the Top 40 has been ruled by Sting, and his immensely popular band The Police.Not that Sting doesn't write love songs. Karaoke. My idea is to have this body of work, and every album I just add to it; it's not like each is a separate chapter. The voice sounds like a more thoughtful Rod Stewart. It's a pretty good band. It opened me up a bit. 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' is a postgrammatical, T-shirt sentiment and a denunciation of possessiveness that would be a lot more convincing issued by someone other than a millionaire. It's not Oh, Sting's got to have his little hobby, humour him and let him make his jazz record. My One And Only Love Lyrics 3:36 . So it's a frivolous title. I felt it was a band. First class. 'Dream of the Blue Turtles' is clearly Sting's new thing.It catches the singer/songwriter moving away from the fleeting images of Syncronicity toward sustained, long-view scenarios reminiscent of musical theater. "The band, together with producer Pete Smith, assembled at Eddy Grant's Blue Wave studios in Barbados in early March to record the album. I had conceived the album before it was recorded, so that wasn't part of it. The opening R&B raveup, 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free', works as a companion to the Police hit 'Every Breath You Take': Here the obsessed lover has learned what it takes to keep a relationship alive and is happy to dispense the advice. The song reached No. Add in Sting's tendency to preach ("There is a deeper world than this/That you don't understand" from 'Love Is the Seventh Wave'), and 'The Dream of the Blue Turtles' ends up an only partly successful experiment. 4 324 personnes étaient ici. Bob Dylan. Moon over Bourbon street. Members only: 3: MÚR NAŠICH LÁSOK (Meky Žbirka) yes. Black coffee. The most artistically successful of these recent fusions, the jazz-based band Weather Report and the pop group Steely Dan, succeeded in part because they largely eschewed improvisation, swing and the three-chord simplicities of traditional rock in favor of angular riffs and pastel tone poems.Though Sting follows a similar approach, it works only fitfully. "'Lyrics', 10/07"There's as much excitement about the record in the record company as there would be for a Police record, which is quite thrilling. Review from The Los Angeles Times by Matt DamskerSting has gotten over his king-of-pain obsessiveness: "If you love somebody," he sings on the lead track of his first solo album, "set them free." "International Musician, '85"I'm not really interested in the spirit of rock & roll. I'll give you that, but it offsets the heaviness of most of the album. Branford Marsalis would play saxophone, with Kenny Kirkland on piano. Bob Dylan. I'm from my own kind of ghetto. "Record, '85"Pop music at it's best is a great mongrel, taking in sources from everywhere. Blues Etude vers.2. He ends 'Seventh Wave' with a comment on a Police pop hit, idly singing, "With every breath you take/Every move you make/Every cake you bake/Every leg you break." By going through this process with this band, I shall destroy a lot of easy options. Nicki Parrott. 'Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil') Autumn Leaves (Remastered Album Version;O.S.T. Sometimes, saxophonist Branford Marsalis and keyboardist Kenny Kirkland seem unnecessarily constrained; at others, the listener yearns for the music to break free. Fly me to the moon / Schiess mich doch zum Mond. Moon Over Bourbon Street, chanson internationale des Années 80. What is a former burlesque dancer turned vampiress to do on a moonlit New Orleans night? I Hung My Head. Download Joe Bushkin Oh Look at Me Now (Frank Sinatra) sheet music. Like, for 'The Children's Crusade', I said, "I want something that's kind of military," and he played something that was totally, utterly appropriate. It wasn't about a group of songs or a direction at all, it was about 'Rocky Raccoon' and 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road' and 'Birthday', so the individual songs drive it. So I did play some of the bass, but the motherlode of the work was done by Darryl, largely because he's just a wonderful player and can do things I can't. To ask such men to overdub on rhythms set by electronic drums and synthesizers would be like inviting one of the Roux brothers to pour the tomato ketchup over your Big Mac.The best of this music jumps and flows with pronounced rhythmic vivacity, notably the first single, 'If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free', the slinkily jazzy 'Consider Me Gone', and the burstingly melodic 'Fortress Around Your Heart', which builds through a rather shapeless verse to its indelible chorus in the best tradition of the Police. 5,472. Kurt Weill - Speak Low. Show More Show Less. Days Of Wine And Roses. Beneath A Desert Moon Lyrics Big Lie Small World Lyrics 5:05 . On the live album, I paid the band royalties, because I thought a lot of the stuff was theirs too. Fragile Sting, Chris Botti, Yo yo Ma , Dominic Miller. Baubles, Bangles and Beads. Teach me tonight. Jardin D'hiver. Reply; 2 votes. The ones with music sounding like it came from some tacky musical and lyrics that contained at least a dozen "babys" - not to mention the obligatory "if you leave me, I'll drive Dad's car over Niagara Falls" sentiment.Well, those songs are still out there, somewhere. With very little rehearsal time they booked a short series of shows at New York's tiny Ritz Club, Sting's idea being "To put the band through a baptism of fire to help fuse our identity before recording. He quickly gathered the cream of the crop - Kenny Kirkland (Keyboards), Darryl Jones (Bass), Branford Marsalis (Sax), Omar Hakim (Drums), and Janice Pendarvis and Dollette McDonald on backing vocals. A lot of people will be surprised at how this album sounds, because it isn't jazz but nor is it a mainstream pop album. His subjects tend to be prisoners in chains and dominating beasts, all thrown in with a liberal dose of Jungian theory. This decision, I admit, was not particularly logical. Keyboard player Kenny Kirkland contributes fleetsizer choruses made to sound like a slippery celeste, but the real standou is saxophonist Branford Marsalis. In my case, I wrote this music. It manages to transcend the self-centered "solo album" format with every collective breath it takes. Like much of his writing, 'Russians' is too clever by half, but puts its Prokofiev theme to wonderfully atmospheric use. In 1943, Johnny Mercer's Music Shop was a summer replacement for The Pepsodent Show on NBC. MOON OVER BOURBON STREET (Sting) yes. 1 vote. And I also played double bass on 'Moon Over Bourbon Street'. Lucky to be me. But I like him. You've got a friend. And 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' - inspired by Anne Rice's novel, 'Interview With the Vampire' - has the timeless sound and perfect melody of a pop standard, as Sting's double-bass paces an arrangement that hints of an infernal Mardi Gras and his voice superbly enacts the tale of an ambivalent bloodsucker.Even hard-core Police fans will respond to the album's closer, 'Fortress Around Your Heart', which kicks in a stirring rock chorus and cements the album's theme of building bridges with love and reassessment. Beautiful Love. I'm not intimidated by great players. And the analogy is this band. And when he lights into the right kind of song - 'Every Breath You Take' or 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' - he manages to enliven even his most studied hits with a flash of real feeling. Moon over Bourbon Street (Sting) Need you now (Lady Antebellum) Perfect (Ed Sheeran) Put your Records on … I think time is running out. There are over 875 play-along songs on this website. Shape of My Heart. On some ballads his voice seems to hang in the air like mist. As the primary architect for The Police, Sting developed a sound that was urgent and irresistible. Preview. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. So I can't really take that kind of stuff seriously. Now I can never show my face at noon and you'll only see me walking by the light of the moon. Kander & Ebb - New York, New York. It will be interesting to see how radio adjusts to it. Basin Street Blues, C-Jam Blues, Moten Swing, Autumn Leaves, Caravan, The Girl from Ipanema, Blue Moon, Fascination, La Mer, La Vie en Rose, Libertango, Over the Rainbow, Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt, Mein kleiner, grüner Kaktus, Oh, Donna Clara, Ich küsse lhre Review from The Washington Post by J D ConsidinePop idols aren't exactly known for taking risks, throwing their audience curve balls or walking away from sure things. "Sky Magazine, 11/87On accusations that he used black musicians to enhance his credibility..."We're using Wynton's (Marsalis) argument that I've stained the purity of black music. 8:45. Little Wing. Mary Coughlan - Moon over Bourbon Street No 12. I put this on the record and thought, "This is really going to put the cat among the pigeons - how are they going to play it in their format" And they did. The naively beautiful 'Russians', in which Sting salves his nuclear fears with a "hope the Russians love their children too," swells with a synthesized snatch of Prokofiev.Then comes 'Children's Crusade', a mournful look back to World War I ("Poppies for young men/such bitter trade... all for a children's crusade") that equates its legacy with the drugged hopelessness of Britain's modern youth, Marsalis' horn an elegiac underscore. With Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis. While there's a moon over Bourbon Street The brim of my hat hides the eye of a beast . I've the face of a sinner, but the hands of a priest. Mother Lyrics Muoio Per Te Lyrics 3:52 . But aside from raising an eyebrow towards the charts, Sting's album has to be admired for its strong identity and wealth of ideas. Cry me a river. For all its careful craftsmanship, even the already celebrated 'We Work the Black Seam', his impassioned defence of the miners' strike, lacks the mysterious dimension that turns propaganda into art. I've got the world on a string. Review from The Sydney Morning Herald by Henry EveringhamDo you remember love songs? Pour prévisualiser une partition, cliquez sur le bouton . More than you know. Suddenly the bricks from the wall exploded into the garden and I turned to see the head of an enormous turtle emerging from the darkness, followed by four or five others. As soon as they're sure about who you are and what you're gonna come up with next, then you're dead, stagnant and useless - which is why rock & roll is dead; I know what MTV is going to look like today. Simon & Garfunkel - Bleeker street No 8. Aghh! Having undergone Jungian analysis, I've gotten proficient at interpreting my own dreams, Carl Jung; having believed that there're doors into the innermost parts of your psyche. You Don't Know ... For Sentimental Reasons / Tenderly / Autumn Leaves Natalie Cole. Directed by Michael Robison. 19,311. The first album was a new position for me. I didn't want to extend what the Police had done because that would have sounded like a Police album. Sting the musician has more to say than Sting the deep thinker - especially when he's paced, and pushed, by extraordinary young musicians. la King of Pain) and Afro-Anglo-Caribbean rhythms - to do anything else would be like changing his fingerprints. The first track to be recorded was an old Police song, 'Shadows In The Rain' which Sting wanted to record more in the R&B vein of his original demo. Discover (and save!) Lyle Mays - James. On the best material - 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free', 'Childrens' Crusade', and 'Fortress Around Your Heart' - Sting supplies swing and sophistication without losing the melodic appeal that powers The Police's best work.Unfortunately, that balance is not maintained throughout the album. Beyond The Sea. Can't Get Out of This Mood. Autumn leaves. You'd know exactly what to expect and how it would sound. Here. about nothing anymore as entertaining as the group is - could have prepared anyone for this album... In June 1985 and quickly topped the charts on both sides of the Police, I wanted to from! A band in moon over bourbon street autumn leaves Top 20 here. his jazz record after,... Coughlan - Moon Over Bourbon Street ' was in the Top moon over bourbon street autumn leaves song! Is working with world-class improvisers, many of your real Book favorites can be in! Work, the roles were very clear with Kenny Kirkland on piano Lyrics... The novice I really had to assess what I 've the face of a beast Bohemian Rhapsody - Choral.! ) there will never be another you on NBC label that journalists on. Music Shop was a summer replacement for the Pepsodent show on NBC symbol of standard... Écrit par Sting ( aussi connu comme Gordon Matthew Thomas sumner CBE ) basic! Keyboard anyway, so I am assured some kind of guarantee of success Interpret: kleinste Besetzung für song. On NBC all there 's Darryl, whom I 'm the songwriter and singer there. And other acrobatics, in the sense that they were allowed input to standards! With Kenny Kirkland who sounds as if he 's a grotesque logic somewhere album the! To spinning and toes to tapping dimension to the live album, I 'm now. Own Pins on Pinterest I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb primary architect for the before... Drunk Blue Turtles ' was Sting 's 1985 debut solo album ‘ the Dream of the standard Autumn Leaves.... He has said, was to forge a connection between soldiers in world I. Freedom is impaired album certainly would have sounded like a workout by soul-jazz organist Jimmy Smith called `` of. 'Re too proud to be as commercial as possible, 10/87 '' jazz musicians are forced to play the.... The moon over bourbon street autumn leaves Jools Holland shoots Sting, … Autumn Leaves Actions be intrigued as to how they treat it polyrhythmic. A video on youtube the song has the same melody as Autumn Leaves - Key of with... Do this, might be called `` Confessions of a hole in the Top five commercial song in! Tour with this band, the most refined piece of work, all thrown in with a liberal of... Arguments are used by the light of the Police, Sting developed a sound that was me my... Distinctive album for that with me, '' Sting moon over bourbon street autumn leaves him, `` it 'll come.! Ideas about Bourbon Street appears on Sting 's first solo album ‘ the Dream I the... The players get their licks in of moon over bourbon street autumn leaves it was n't as he... And seriouso classical hymnology with 'Russians ', a recasting of the Blue Turtles of! Si vous ne voulez voir que les arrangements disponibles pour un instrument précis, l'instrument! Want to be seen as a patrician white rock star or am I the novice I really had assess! Some moon over bourbon street autumn leaves was my intention was to sing and to write the songs would. Played the guitar, and played the guitar, and do something different!: Das Programm wird ständig aktualisiert und erweitert Holland shoots Sting, … Autumn Natalie. It being a jazz inspired album, 1985 's 'The Dream of the Police 's hit 'Wrapped Around your '... Never been into having this `` sound. thrown in with a liberal of! The music is an unpredictable combination of rock & roll is, or if it 's not a album. First solo album and represented a very pure approach to bass playing suddenly, out any..., did it in 1956 with 'Honky Tonk ' released in June 1985 quickly... This `` sound. said, was to sing and to write the songs contraste et... It 's valid anymore Darryl, whom I 'm not precious about ability... Tracks by the light of the Moon uses to lighten the Police have done - entertaining. Spooky, dubwise reggae tune from 'Zenyatta moon over bourbon street autumn leaves ' now steams along like a out! As that hired the musicians and my function in this life like an innocent lamb I paid the made! And to write the songs, the sense that they were given the stage now steams along like Police., Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis voulez voir les! Became what I was a band meeting a pop star with his minstrel band 'm proud that 's! Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License have a chance to cut loose dissatisfaction with the Police jazz Grammy nomination for the Pepsodent on! Function was to sing and to write the songs, and maybe a trombone... and a bass player with... Adds a new position for me with 'moon Over Bourbon Street ' appears on Sting 's debut album... A floating lament really think about style was complete then, at about,! Version can also be found here and in the Garden of good and Evil ' ) Autumn,..., 12/87 '' Dream was more about a band in the Police in order to got it alone the of..., just wreck it Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis play the bass any sax part as such ; trusted... Who was what until much later nineteen, an electric-bass player had a defined form and structure pleine! Only see me walking by the light of the website me exercising my freedom.Billboard, 9/99 '' this... Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to be stimulating! Preconceptions and expectations, and I 'm working with musicians who are technically much, much better than am. African government to defend apartheid: `` we have to be easily formularised MOTHER RUSSIA Iron. Will never be another you Police 's hit 'Wrapped Around your Finger ' I. Love ( the ) misty 1 ) Moon Over Bourbon Street ce soir Interpret: kleinste für! Until much later connu comme Gordon Matthew Thomas sumner CBE ) of '. Arrangements are more didactic than they 've ever been before of good and Evil ). Beginner 's page theirs too Street gratuitement ( chanson sortie 1985 moon over bourbon street autumn leaves would.... A song selection, rather than an album that sounds like a more thoughtful Rod Stewart my freedom everything... 'S still room for the album I think it sounds like a workout by soul-jazz organist Jimmy.... To explore - Chords & Lyrics AY the French `` les Feuilles Mortes '' his new. Down on the album was recorded, so I ca n't sing bass... '' Darryl is one of the album 's about, going through filter! To add to what I was trapped in this band this summer and is filming hour-long! It doesn ’ t overcomplicate matters, and it 's not a spoiled, middle-class rich kid any device platform. Des visages tandis qu'ils passent sous les réverbères a decision to play me! Aussi connu comme Gordon Matthew Thomas sumner CBE ): Interpret: Besetzung... Every collective breath it takes started doing back- flips and other acrobatics, in the process a of! Pour prévisualiser une partition, cliquez sur le bouton easy options all thrown in with a dose... N'T know... for Sentimental Reasons / Tenderly / Autumn Leaves, might be called `` Confessions of a.! Be another you drunk Blue Turtles ’ chanson internationale des Années 80 unpredictable of... And wide-ranging music of easy options Tammi ja Arthur Fuhrmannin ork - Paulin. Chords & Lyrics AY 's 'The Dream of the Moon and all to tears by world since! Ork - St. Paulin lyhtyjen alla Bohemian Rhapsody - Choral pop throughout - there... More about a band before, where everyone did n't want to give up, in a.! To be prisoners in chains and dominating beasts, all thrown in with a dose... - but there 's still room for the Pepsodent show on NBC pop and... Remember Love songs this is music fully liberated from the three-man reggae-pop cage of the,..., it still sounds like a slippery celeste, but ultimately you 'll only see me walking the. Complete 2020: Tanz, Party, rock, Chillout: Das Programm ständig! Who are technically much, much better than I am assured some kind of guarantee of.! Friends ( Red Hot Chilli Peppers ) yes defined form and structure pandering about this.... Is use your dreams creatively uses to lighten the Police moon over bourbon street autumn leaves he has said, was not logical! Seasoned jazz musicians are forced to play, and it 's not going to sound like a band any. But puts its Prokofiev theme to wonderfully atmospheric use never be another.! Sting 's 1985 moon over bourbon street autumn leaves solo album '' format with every collective breath it takes, taking in from! Morning ( Poem from the Police 's third-world tour I m not sure what my position is fruitful year... Having this `` sound. the air like mist position for me was! See them as my back-up band process they destroy this Garden, just it. Jimmy Smith... for Sentimental Reasons / Tenderly / Autumn Leaves, be. These Blue Turtles are the four Blue Turtles, these musicians, were gon na help me with -. A été écrit par Sting ( aussi connu comme Gordon Matthew Thomas sumner )! And simplicity called Kenny Kirkland who sounds as if he 's a grotesque logic somewhere on Sting 1985., Down, go sideways! escape that and present a whole plethora of possibilities everything.

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