22nd International Conference on Information Fusion
Ottawa, Canada | July 2-5, 2019

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Call for Papers, Posters and Proposals

The field of information fusion has been undergoing major changes due to the ubiquity of heterogeneous sensors, rapid development in computing technology, intense focus on data-driven techniques and emerging application domains such as intelligent transportation. We actively solicit papers and posters that expand the reach of information fusion to new theoretical frameworks, processing techniques, application domains and computing paradigms. We encourage papers, posters, tutorials, and special sessions that explore the interplay between traditional model-based techniques and emerging data-driven artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous methodologies at both high-level and low-level data and information fusion.

In addition to the above topics, you can submit your proposals for special sessions, panel discussions, tutorials on theory or application, and technology or software demonstrations of engineering systems.

The proposals for special sessions and panels should focus on emerging, gap filling and disruptive technologies and concepts, and should contain:

- The topical heading
- Rationale for the session/panel (short paragraph)
- Possible concepts and topics of discussion
- Benefits to the fusion community.

For the Panel discussion to be included into the proceedings the organizer should submit the summary as a poster